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Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance

If you’re self-employed you have the added worry of who will look after your business should you fall ill. You’ll want fast treatment so that you can be back to work in the shortest possible time and to help with that you may want to consider taking out Private Medical Insurance.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to have Private Medical Insurance. For example to benefit from quicker diagnosis and treatment; to choose where and when to be treated; or just to experience quality private facilities in hospital.

Private Medical Insurance is designed to work alongside and complement the National Health Service. In essence it generally covers you for conditions that respond quickly to treatment (often known as acute conditions) and cancer. However, it does not generally cover for conditions which are ongoing or long term (often known as chronic conditions), nor for routine consultations with your GP, dentist or optician; Accident and Emergency treatment; preventative treatment such as screenings and health checks; pre-existing conditions which have been excluded or treatment that has not been authorised.

There are many providers and plans on the market with a host of features, options and exclusions which can be bewildering.

Contact us so that we can discuss your individual circumstances and help you find a provider and plan that best suits you.