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Business Protection

 Business Protection

Most businesses understand the need to insure their premises, equipment and stock. But many don’t stop to think what would happen if they lost their most important asset: their people.

The importance of protection.

We know how important business protection is to small businesses of all types: companies, partnerships and sole traders. It can finance the replacement of a key individual, provide a financial cushion if a key individual dies or provide the opportunity for businesses to maintain continuity of ownership if one of the owners dies or becomes seriously ill.

Key person and loan protection

You will find that the success of almost all small and medium sized businesses is dependent on a few people who make a significant contribution, including owners, senior directors, sales people and others with specialist skills or knowledge. Whatever a key person does, their loss could have disastrous consequences for the business – for example loss of profits, loss of important personal or business contacts, difficulties in raising new finance and difficulties in meeting existing loan repayments.

Ownership protection

The loss of a partner of shareholding director can have a major impact on the success of a business in terms of ensuring continued control for the remaining owners. However, we also need to think of the effect on the dependents of a deceased owner, or the position of a critically ill owner who might wish to leave the business. So it is important that if this happens, plans are in place for the remaining owners to be able to buy a critically ill or deceased colleague’s share of the business.

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